Grooming Mistakes That Most Men Make During Winter

As temperatures drop, you’re going to have to protect yourself from the cold, harsh winds—but wearing just your winter coat isn’t a good defense. Your skin, as it transitions from the heating in your office to the streets that are freezing cold, take the maximum beating. Lucky for you, you wouldn’t have to look hard to for a solution. Everything’s right here!

1) You’re still stuck on to your summer fragrance

Grooming Mistakes That Most Men Make During Winter

Much like your clothes that change from season to season, your fragrance should also follow suit. Lighter fragrances should be worn in warmer months, and woody, a little spicier fragrance in colder days.

Fix it– You can never go wrong with Boss Bottled from Hugo Boss, or alternatively, Gucci Por Homme by Gucci –nothing spells winter quite like this one.

2) You haven’t seen a barber in quite a while

Grooming Mistakes That Mo

Say goodbye to heavily greased and styled hairdo—winter calls for textured hairstyles that enables movement. Pick a product that’s less on weight but gives a good hold on textured styles. Think David Beckham and his tousled hair, or Chris Hemsworth and his voluminous do!

Fix it– with Phyto’s Intense volume mousse that’s even perfect for men with thinning hair. It’ll restore your hairstyle throughout the day without the stickiness factor.

3) Your hands always get the step-motherly treatment

Grooming Mistakes That Most Men Make During Winter

Switching between different environments also dries out your nails—so wearing your favourite sweater and moisturizing your face will only take you so far. You’d still have to salvage your cracked nails. What’s the point after all if your face says Hrithik Roshan but your hands say Tusshar Kapoor.

Fix it– The root cause of cracked nails is dehydration, so fix that with Jack Black’s Hand Healer. You’d also want to file your nails after trimming it to keep the overall look on fleek. Also, wear gloves especially if you’re in Delhi or are from any part of North actually.

4) Your skin hydration levels are at an all time low

Grooming Mistakes That Most Men Make During Winter

While it’s advisable to use moisturizing products sparingly in summer, it’s quite the opposite in winter. The constant change in the atmospheres as you move from cozy indoors to uncomfortable outdoors is going to leave your skin parched—so you need to keep it quenched.

Fix it– For your face, use a double duty face moisturizer. There’s nothing better than Jack Black’s double-duty moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated this winter. For your body, usingVaseline Men and Body Face Lotion makes a lot of sense—it absorbs quickly and leaves you smelling exactly how a man should—subtle, with just a hint of it.

5) Your skin is also flaky

Grooming Mistakes That Most Men Make During Winter

With less moisture in the air, your skin dries out eventually. That, coupled with using heavy-on-ingredients shaving products, face washes and exfoliants—there’s going to be absolute carnage and your skin will be stripped off its natural oils.

Fix it– Wash your body with a moisturizing soap, in fact forget soap, you must look for moisturizing shower gels or body wash. All the products you use in this season must be alcohol and fragrant-free, preferably with olive or jojoba oil in it.

6) Your lips have seen better days

Grooming Mistakes That Most Men Make During Winter

The protective layer of skin is actually one of the thinnest parts of your body and its only source of daily hydration is your saliva. So, it makes sense to extend some external help to your lips in the cold season. And no, by that we don’t mean your SO’s lips. Alright, that too! Moreover licking it constantly will make it more chapped.

Fix it– You can actually use any chapstick without menthol, which dries your lips out rather fast. Preferably choose a one with Shea Butter. Body shop offers a lot of options in this category.

7) Your beard isn’t quite up to the mark, or in this case, up to the season!

Grooming Mistakes That Most Men Make During Winter

Much like washing your face too often, shaving, too, strips moisture from your skin, so it’s imperative to use a shaving cream with the same ingredients as in your moisturizer. And while this is the best time to grow a beard, you must never forget to trim it after every couple of days. Your winter beard should end an inch above your adams apple.

Fix it– Dermalogica’s soothing shaving cream might just be what you’re looking for. It promotes skin repair and hydrates skin like no other.

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