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Guide to survive the admission heat of DU


Managed to score  good percentage in CBSE boards? Aspiring to attend the  top  colleges of Delhi University?  that’s    great But   it’s   not a cakewalk to enroll into DU colleges  where the top and bright minds are  assembled in Delhi with their tents pitched in and can do anything to get into the college of their dreams. But when I said it’s  impossible? We are here to guide you and we will give the best advice to survive the rush hour

 Know the admission Criteria

The first and most important thing is that you should be aware of the admission criteria in DU and for different colleges in DU.
To get in you have to calculate percentage of your best four subjects. Now the question arises which subjects are covered in best four? The best-four calculation policy has been simplified and it will include one language, two academic or elective subjects and the subject in which admission is being sought. 
In case the student is not including in the best four percentage the subject in which admission is sought, he or she will face a deduction of 2.5 per cent.
From this year, it will be mandatory for students seeking admission in B.Com and Economics Honours courses to have mathematics as a subject in Std XII. It, however, will not be mandatory for them to include it in their best-four. 
Also, Business Studies, Home Science, Accountancy and Zoology will be considered as academic subjects, unlike earlier, when they were included in the vocational subjects category. Physical Education Honours and Music Honours will not be considered as vocational but academic courses. 

If you want to get admission in Du through sports quota then we assume that you are already prepared. If you are an international player and have represented India in commonwealth games, Asian games , Olympics et. Then there is no need of physical test but if you have not then you would be giving sports trial in which some eligibility criteria is set.



Make a Metro Pass

Delhi metro is going to be your main mode of travel so make a metro pass ( 200rs. is the minimum amount to make a pass) instead of standing in long que just to buy the coins. Metro pass gives you a sense of freedom to travel anywhere in Delhi instantly. So it’s a strict advice to go for pass not for coins.

Plan your route

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Planning always gives you and edge before others so make plan about routes, timings, accommodation in advance. First of all you should know the college you want to take admission in is in North campus or in South one or somewhere else. If your dream college is in north campus then you should take a yellow line in metro to vishvavidyalaya metro station and the E rickshaw and autowala will drop you to the college and the rates of autos are hikes these days due to college admissions  so don’t waste your time in too much bargaining. But if your college is in south campus then you have to take the metro till AIIMS or Dhaula kuan and then take an auto to the college.


Be hydrated

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A time will come when you would be juggling between north and South Campus and summer is at it’s peak so drink loads of water by carrying a water bottle and keep drinking lemonades and other drinks so as to stay cool



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It’s a suggestion to girls to don’t doll up and wear tons of make up because when sweat would be rolling on all mascara and stuff will make it even worse. Keep the outfit simple and stylish but most importantly it must be comfortable. Do carry a pair of cool shades and some cap , hat or an umbrella so as beat the scorching sun.


Take your parents/ guardian/ friend/ brother

Having someone who is elder to you always helps in surviving this period and having a company to talk to someone is good to cool off the cut off stress from your mind. But don’t take herd of people with you because that could be embarrassing and hectic.



Wondering how that cool shady senior of yours got admission in Delhi university despite scoring not top notch percentage? He/she took other road less travelled. Every college has some loopholes to enter and you must find and research thoroughly about those loopholes.

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Befriend the peons and student leaders of college because only they can guide you the way to get in because of their contacts and awareness regarding admission criteria of college. But don’t try to do the bribing thing because the party in Delhi government has scared the shit out of the officials, so don’t even think about it.
What do you think that prospectus/admission form is full of tiny shitty letters? NO, those documents contains some loopholes that can help you land in the college.


DO the talking thing

Go home and shred your introvert image right now because to make your way you have to make a lot of contacts and take out the information from them. Talk to the persons of the clerical department and ask about other ways to get in and they can guide you better.
For instance, a friend of mine wanted to get admission in Miranda house but she was denied admission, but after having conversation with the clerical department she came to know that if she study Punjabi for an year by showing certificate of passing in Punjabi subject ( 1oth or 12th board) then she can get into the college.

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Move your lazy ass

Don’t get lazy and continue to go the offices of college even if you don’t make it to the first and second cut off list. Sometimes some students leave the seat and college authorities fill up those vacant seats by offering seat to someone else, so just go and grab it.


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Made it? Don’t forget to party hard

Nothing is sweeter than getting what you have desired and dreamt of. Go out and  party hard in hauz khas clubs by getting sloshed in the loud music tracks and enjoy that day to the fullest.

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