Hackers expose millions of people on Ashley Madison

Few weeks ago we reported that Ashley Madison a dating website  which allowed its users to cheat while in a relationship or being in a marriage as the site was supposed to be for those people who are already bound in a relation.

Ashley Madisopn had a long courted attention as the company boasted that they have some 39 million members  where thousands of cheating wives and husbands sign up everyday looking for an affair.”

Some hackers were frustrated from this and they hacked the website and stole data worth millions of dollars from the website. Now you would be thinking why the data is worth so much? it’s because the website also had data of some famous and notable personalities , if leaked it would create a storm all over.

Earlier Hackers gave chance to the Toronto based Avid life media company to shut this cheating website or else they will release the sensitive data.

They now also posted a message on the website where data was leaked, ” Now everyone gets to see their data.” The associated press wasn’t immediately able to determine the authenticity of the leaked files although many analysts have scanned the data and they believe it’s genuine.

The leaked data included Full names, passwords, street addresses, credit card information and an extensive amount of internal data.

Some experts are also saying that though there were many bogus and fake profiles as people filled up fake name. The dump was quite huge as many international countries members were also a member of the dating website. The french monitoring firm CYbelAngel said it counted 1,200 email addresses in the data dump with the .sa suffix, suggesting users were connected to Saudi Arabia , the country where the punishment for adultery is death. CybelAngel also said they counted some 15,000 .gov or .mil in the dump suggesting that the US diplomats, soldiers, sailors and government officials were also a member which means they just opened themselves to the threat of blackmailing which can play with the national security.

It’s difficult to access how many persons were seeking sex out of marriage but those users who made account just for fun or curiosity they just cut the branch where they were sitting with their own axe.

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