Haryana Traffic Police’s Utter Stupidity Causes Delhi NCR’s Biggest Ever Traffic Jam

In a display of utter negligence of public convenience (and common sense), Haryana Police caused what was probably the longest traffic jam in Delhi’s history on NH8 today. It’s being said that the jam, which is still running strong as we speak, can be as long as 20 kms and people have been stuck for over 3 hours straight. The situation is only worsening with each hour as more vehicles are adding to the jam and a lot of cars are breaking down due to the heat. It’s not an accident or a vehicle breakdown that has caused this massive traffic snarl but the utter stupidity of the Haryana Traffic Police that’s responsible for it. This bafflingly senseless attempt to divide a patch of road just before the toll entrance with huge concrete blocks during peak rush hours has led to Delhi-Gurgaon commuter’s unending nightmare.

You can see the concrete divider responsible for the jam in the picture below.

As first reported on the radio stations, the traffic started slowing down at around 8:00 a.m. on NH8, and within an hour its trickledown effect reached as far as Dhaula Kuan and Delhi cantonment underpass. The situation is only worsening with each passing hour as NH8 carries the most traffic during the time bracket of 8-11 a.m. Also, the scorching heat is causing vehicle breakdowns which are further slowing down the traffic. This is how people reacted to this nightmare on Twitter and other social media networks:

Although it’s been more than 3 hours, Delhi Police tweeted this only minutes back.

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