HBO confirms Jon Snow is alive and coming back next April

It’s finally real. Everything looks set for Jon Snow’s much-debated return to Game of Thrones after the show’s official Twitter feed posted a photo of actor Kit Harington in character with a bloodied face. Not supine and glassy-eyed on the snow either.

Simply captioned ‘April’ in a clear reference to the season six air date fans have been waiting for, the picture is dark, moody, and incredibly exciting.

Jon Snow was last seen looking decidedly dead after being stabbed by his own Night’s Watch comrades for being a “traitor” during the epic Battle of Hardhome in the season five finale and since then, there has been a ton of hype surrounding what this could mean for the future storyline.

6 things we maybe, possibly learned from Jon snow poster

After months spent trying to keep Kit Harrington’s return under wraps, HBO dropped the bomb yesterday, in the form of a Game of Thrones season 6 poster entirely devoted to Jon Snow.

There isn’t a lot to go on, but it’s going to be a while until the first teaser trailer drops so let’s glean what we can!

1) Jon Snow is alive

Now I’m no doctor, but standing upright is usually a good indication of being alive. I mean, if Jon could have thrown a thumbs up in the poster that would have really sealed it, but it’s definitely safe to say he will return from the dead in season 6.

We have of course known this for ages, but it was still exciting to see HBO go ahead and confirm it way ahead of TX.

2) He will feature heavily in the show

GoT wouldn’t give over its first poster over to a dead character, nor one who is alive but barely features. There is zero chance of Jon taking a fallow season a la Bran then, and we can expect him to be integral to the season’s plot.

Again, we pretty much knew this given how much time Harrington has spent on set, and how he has been spotted filmingseemingly pivotal battle scenes.

3) HBO could do better at Photoshop

Seriously, what is up with that rubbish blood splatter?

4) Season 6 will probably start on 24 April

While the poster only confirms the month, 24 April is a pretty safe bet as that is when Martin Scorsese’s new HBO drama Vinylconcludes and vacates GoT’s usual Sunday night slot.

5) Jon is alive but clearly isn’t A-OK

Serial resurrector Beric Dondarrion noted how each rebirth carries a heavy toll, chipping away at him physically and losing large pieces of him mentally. We could end up seeing a sort of zombified Jon Snow then, which would be a shame because he already wasn’t exactly the life and soul of the party was he.

6) Is something up with his eye?

This is the element currently most speculated over by fans. Jon was stabbed repeatedly in the gut, so why would his eye be bleeding?

In all likelihood, just for dramatic effect, though there are some more wild fan theories out there – has he lost an eye? Is it a reference to the One-Eyed Raven? Oberyn? Is the blood actually weirwood sap, indicating he will be brought back by Bran rather than Melisandre? Is it a reference to the line, tied in with L+R=J theory, ‘“Lyanna’s statue whispered. She wore a garland of pale blue roses, and her eyes wept blood”?

These are all nice ideas, but when Harrington was spotted filming – in Stark armour no less – he didn’t seem to be wearing an eye patch a la Beric or have any discernible weird eye stuff going on, so it’s probably just a design thing.

Hopefully the first trailer will shed some more light on Game of Thrones season 6’s plot, which is expected in early January.

It remains unknown what this news might mean, with some fans suggesting that Snow will be resurrected by Melisandre, but will lose a piece of his soul in the process. It will almost certainly involve magic of some kind, as he was stabbed numerous times by his fellow Night’s Watch members.

An exact air date for season six is yet to be revealed but the good news is, you don’t need to wait until May as previously thought!

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