Hema Malini Car Accident | 1 Died

JAIPUR:  A child has died in a collision between politician Hema Malini’s Mercedes and a Maruti Alto in Rajasthan today. The BJP leader’s car was speeding, said a police official, though the driver of the Alto may not have been paying attention.

Hema Malini represents Mathura in Parliament. She was headed from her constituency to Jaipur when the accident took place.

hema's acidntal car
The four-year-old who was killed was travelling with four relatives including her parents and another young child who have been hospitalised.

 “Officials told that Mercedes was speeding. It drove over the divider,” said senior police officer Rajinder Tyagi from Dausa, where the accident took place, about 60 km from the state capital of Jaipur. However, he said the driver of the Alto may not have been paying attention while entering the section of the highway where the collision took place.Hema Malini is not seriously hurt.
hema maline car accident

The actor-turned-politician, 66, was treated for minor injuries in a Jaipur hospital. Staff said she walked in unaided and received a few stitches near her nose.


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