Hilarious Video || Apple iphone v/s Samsung phone’s

Well,what can be worst for? when your friend says you have a bullshit gadget in comparison of his gadget.As like samsung started making fun of apple iphone and beating each other for gaining best position,these guys also did same thing.

Samsung started trolling Apple during the company’s iPhone 6s keynote, using all sorts of snarky remarks on Twitter. But that’s not enough for the giant Korean corporation that happens to be one of the leading iPhone parts provider and Apple’s most important rival in the smartphone business, so Samsung came out with a new ad campaign that manages to show off a feature the iPhone 6s doesn’t have, while also making fun Apple’s latest iPhone.

Here’s two guys those are fighting for SAMSUNG and APPLE IPHONE. They troll each other and finally the third guy who didn’t take any interest in their fight and conversation came out with the best solution of this agrument that NOKIA is the bestest. ? So beware of dumb persons,even without doing anything they can troll you in the best way.

So here the hiliarious video of those three guys,check it out :* :*

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