Hoverboard In action Now

When I was a kid I saw a Hollywood science fiction movie series “back to Future” and I was pretty amused with the technology of going to past and changing the events.

In Second part of movie There was a Skateboard but with no wheels that the movie character Marty Mcfly used to fly. Yes a skateboard with only having some technology that used to fly one foot above the ground level.

But one automotive company took that thing seriously and they made a hoverboard.
yes the same hoverboard in the movie Back to future.

Renowned car company lexus started the project named “slide” 18 months ago and revealed the prototype  in June this year.
but few days ago they revealed the Video featuring Ross McGouran who is a wizard in skateboarding.

Mcgouran was involved in the whole testing process since the project started said “ I have been involved in skateboarding since 20 years , but without friction it seems like I have to learn a lot of new skills, particularly in the stance  and balance in order to ride the hoverboard and it’s a whole new experience.”

In video the skateboarder is seen doing some stunts and all credit goes to the IFW Dresden & Evico Gmbh a Japanese and German Companies specializing in magnetic levitation technology, the same technology used in bullet trains these days.

A Special 200 m track magnetic track was made which was transported all over from Barcelona.

But still some people aren’t impressed with the technology as people are attached to the conventional skateboards and they say that the old school will be old school and it can’t be explained with something new.

The hoverboard looks Bulky, heavy and has a metal underneath it which makes chances to get scratches under metal which also means hoverboard won’t work properly.

Lexus said that it need to be get charged for only 20 minutes.

But let’s see whether we will go back to future or not?

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