ISIS Loyalists Celebrate Explosions At Brussels Airport

Early reports said several were killed and injured on Tuesday morning

Supporters of the Islamic State celebrated two explosions that rocked Brussels Zaventem airport on Tuesday morning.

Early reports said several people were killed and others were injured in the blasts, which tore through the departure lounge of the airport located seven miles from Brussels, Reuters reported. A third blast was later heard at a Brussels metro station close to EU institutions, according to reports.

In the immediate aftermath of the blasts, ISIS loyalists took to social media to celebrate. “With the permission of God, the lions came to take revenge for the killing of Muslims in Syria and Iraq,” one supporter of the terror group posted on Twitter. Another declared: “#Brussels, if you continue your war against the religion of Allah then this is our response.” Another shared a graphic image that allegedly showed a man who was wounded, and declared: “Allahu Akbar, #Belgium_is_on_fire_from_explosives.”

The blasts come just several days after the arrest of Salah Abdeslam, suspected of carrying out deadly terrorist attacks in Paris in November. He was captured in Brussels last week during a raid.

But it wasn’t clear who or what caused the explosions. No group immediately claimed responsibility.

A statement posted on the Brussels Airport Twitter account said the airport was being evacuated, and a second tweet warned others to stay away. All rail transportation to the airport had been suspended, Belgian media reported.


2 ontfloffingen in vertrekhal Zaventem. Alles vernield

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What the f*** is happening here?!?!

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