ISRO to launch 4 American satellites tomorrow

The day, 28 September 2015, is going to become a historical day for every Indian as ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) is all set launch not one but four American satellites from Sriharikota named Lemur from the USA. Besides one micro satellite ISRO will launch from Canada and one from Indonesia due to geographical positions. It is for the first time that India is going to carve out history by launching four satellites of the country which has its own Space Organization NASA, the world’s most notable Space Agency. The total number of satellites India will launch tomorrow is six.

Besides all these, India will accomplish another achievement tomorrow as India is about to launch Astrosat, India’s first dedicated astronomy satellite. If launch is successful, India will become the only fifth country to have an Observatory in space by joining an elite club. The main objective of this satellite is to understand high energy processes in binary system containing neutron stars and lack holes. it will also be studding star birth regions and high energy processes in star systems.

All theses satellites will blast off from the Satish Dhawan Space Center, SHAR at 10 am on Monday, onboard PSLV-C30, which will carry them into 650 km orbit.

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