Jack MA company Alibaba to invest $1B in the Cloud

After so much obsession with the cloud computing giants companies are having now it’s turn for Chinese e commerce Giant Alibaba upping it’s investment in cloud computing with a $1B infusion of funds that will give an edge to Amazon , google and Microsoft too.

Company said that the finds would be used to expand the Aliyun’s international presence, extend it’s alliance based ecosystem, and to build new products that it can offer at lower costs.

It’s not the first time Alibaba getting into cloud as last month Aliyun signed multiple agreements and MOUs with intel and Equinix data centres to localize the cloud infrastructure without building a new one.

If we just observe the Aliyun’s internation presence in cloud computing it only constitutes a small chunk of $2.8 billion in revenue in Q4.

But  Alibaba is taking the competition seriously that’s why they just want to swipe away the competition.

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