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Facebook, or any other social networking site for that matter today indefinitely plays a climacteric and weighty role in every other youth’s life in the process of each passing day. Posting pictures, interacting with people, socializing, making friends, passing on messages, Handing on pdf’s etc is just a prime set of reasons an individual feels it to be completely paradoxical to not use such service in his or her life. And thanks to the era of telecommunications- smartphones enable use of such sites extremely easy and just few clicks away.


It has been a month since my college vacations started and trust me on this- I am downright hooked to a phenomenon that’s not yet fully explored in India. It’s called nothing else than our very own YOUTUBE. Yay! This might come out really funny and fatuous as to how I may sound. People like to say ‘oh, yes youtube. We know what it is!’ Hold on to me- it is something which is not given as much credit in India as  much  as it deserves.

My journey to this unearthliness started when I typed a simple sentence on google, ‘’what to do during vacations when getting bored?’’ and simply came in a list of chores to do one of which entailed to do discover internet. I did the same. This is not a promoting blog meant for nurturing a particular website. This is simply something which I felt I should share with as much people as I can. It could be a great learning experience for you too. Here’s a list of some of my favorite youtube channels that I’d recommend 


  • PrankVsPrank 


  • This channel belongs to a couple named Jesse and Jeanna. They have been in a relationship for about 10 years now (secret relationship goals). What they do is literally prank the hell out of each other. It is one of the most funniest channels I have ever come across. And the fact that they both are extremely hot and good looking doesn’t hurt. Go check them out!


  • BfVsGf

  • Youtube Channel Bfvsgf

  • This channel comes complementary to the first one. Bf is Jesse while Gf is Jeana. In the first channel  all they practically do is prank each other while this channel is meant for vlogging only. One of the most entertaining fact about this channel is their challenge videos. Do check out their ‘Touch my body challenge’ videos. They’ll make you die with laughter. Oh and yes- they have the cutest pair of cats in the whole wide world named Nylah and Bambu.


  • AndreasChoice

  • youtube best channel AndreasChoice

  • It is basically a beauty and lifestyle channel. But if you do see and watch the videos made by her, your personality will never ever be the same. Why you may ask? Answer is just plain simple- did you know you make out a bag out of your old T-shirt? Or that you could dominantly curl your hair using a Tshirt? Well there’s your answer.
    S- this is by far the most important channel ever.


  • ZaidAliT

  • youtube best channel  ZaidAliT

  • who doesn’t love brown-vs-white debate? To tell you the truth that’s what Zaid AliT is all about. He is a Pakistani guy who is settled abroad and don’t go all hating him now. Firstly just watch him. He makes you feel happy, he will also make you feel nostalgic at some point and he will make you cry with his video where he gifts a Mercedes to his father on father’s day. He is not currently active on youtube but he sure has lifetime of videos. Happy vlogging J


  • Superwoman

  • youtube best channel superwoman

  • who hasn’t heard about superwoman? Not the one who’s a superhero but yes youtuber Superwoman isn’t any less then than a superwoman. She’s brown, She’s funny, she’s sarcastic and she’s everything none of us are! Need I say more?


  • RomanAtwood

  • youtube best channel RomanAtwood

  • Personally I did not feel anything out of this world in his videos but yes he’s a cute looking guy and I simply watch his videos for his lifestory line. I sound like a loon but his story is dramatically weird.


  • VjAnusha

  • Youtube best channel	VjAnusha

    yayyyyy! Finally an Indian person in the world of vlogging. Her channel is a beauty and lifestyle channel. She is comparatively new to do this business but she surely knows how to roll it. Her videos are utterly useful and catchy.


  • BuzzFeedVideo
  • Youtube best video BuzzFeedVideo
  • it is everything. Literally, it is simply beloved and precious to me like a rare jewel. Go check it out . . .
  • NicoleGuerriero
    She’s classy, she’s fit and she’s a beauty and lifestyle vlogger.


  • BeingIndian

  • Youtube Channel Being Indian

  • it is an Indian channel. You’ll watch it just for that. Trust me!


Okay so these ten channels were just very few of the ones I loved and am now an addict. If you do take my advice and do explore them you’ll like- find thousands of other channels like LuvRudraksh, OldDelhiFilms, DefrancoFam, AnnLee, TedTalks and several others who are worth subscribing at any second of the epoch. Do give them a try, like them, give them a big thumbs up, subscribe or whatever, but do check them out.
Also in each and every video you’ll find how YouTube has changed their lives forever and you know what? They actually get paid for what they do. When you do explore them it gives a sense of enlightment and who knows? Maybe you’re the next #vlog star  . .


By #MansiChauhan


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