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Jurassic World Movie | Review


‘Jurassic World’ has gone big. From just a park to an entire island off Costa Rica called Isla Nublar and with bigger and more intelligent dinosaurs, the latest Jurassic movie is aiming big. The problem with a reboot, however, is how to appeal to newer audiences while keeping its loyal fans engaged. On both counts, ‘Jurassic World’ comes out on top.

Jurassic World Brings The Dinosaur Series Back From Extinction

You already know the main premise of the film. A highly intelligent genetically mutated dinosaur named Indominus Rex has been created as a new attraction to the ‘Jurassic World’ series but soon goes rogue. Thrown into the mix on the good side are ex-Navy man and velociraptors trainer Owen (Chris Pratt) and park manager Beth (Bryce Dallas Howard) along with her two cousins Zach and Gray as well as park owner Masrani (our very own Irrfan Khan). On the other hand, apart from Indominus Rex, there are other bad guys who want to use the dinos DNA and turn them into weapons of destruction.

Jurassic World Brings The Dinosaur Series Back From Extinction

The earlier Jurassic Park movies were made famous not by the reptiles themselves but by the spectacle they caused when they came in contact with humans. As someone notes early on in ‘Jurassic World’, no one is really impressed with just dinosaurs anymore. Director Colin Trevorrow understands this perfectly and wastes no time in unleashing the new Rex onto the park as soon as the lead characters have been established.

© Jurassic World Brings The Dinosaur Series Back From Extinction

Along the way, we also get a glimpse of the many other dinosaurs that the earlier movies introduced to us first. The problems of managing a theme park with no new attractions are captured succinctly when a containment team is sent with non-lethal weapons because “the park has $26 million invested to make Indominus Rex its latest attraction.”

© Jurassic World Brings The Dinosaur Series Back From Extinction

The movie has some clever one-line dialogues that balance all the dino roars that punctuates throughout the film. Here’s another one. When the young Gray asks Owen who is alpha after the latter introduces his velociraptor dinosaurs to the cousins, Owen simply says, “You’re looking at him kid.” It’s a wonderful prelude to the movie’s finale.

Jurassic World Brings The Dinosaur Series Back From Extinction

Another thing that ‘Jurassic World’ excels in is – like its early predecessors – special effects. The first Jurassic Park essentially brought CGI to the forefront and ‘Jurassic World’ continues the legacy with some truly jaw-dropping visual tricks. Aided by 3D, the special effects team has done a spectacular job on the film. Detailing them would give away some of the best bits of the movie so we’ll refrain from doing so but suffice to say, you won’t be complaining about bad CGI when the credits roll.

Jurassic World Brings The Dinosaur Series Back From Extinction

The characters play their parts well too with Chris Pratt leading the way. Irrfan and Bryce hold the movie well aided by the cousins although to be fair, the movie really belongs to dinosaurs. If there was something that didn’t go well, it was the sound that kept going up and down during a few key sequences. The interval in the movie comes during an escape sequence, which is the most horrible moment you can imagine to take a break. This could be a theatre-specific thing though. (The writer saw this movie on an IMAX screen).

‘Jurassic World’ is not a new chapter in the Jurassic Park series you will realise, it is more of a reboot to the series that gave cinema some of its best moments when it first released. When placed with such an illustrious predecessor, expectations are always high. It is to the movie’s credit that it passes the test with flying colours indeed. Go book your ticket already.

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