Kylie Jenner: Rolling Eyes, Showing Off Flat Stomach, Flashing Lace Bra

Kylie Jenner took off to Costa Rica on Thursday taking the closest people to her heart with her, her family and her boyfriend Tyga. Hours after leaving Los Angeles, Kylie Jenner shared a picture on her Instagram account with her boyfriend. The picture revealed Kylie’s flat stomach and the bottom of her white lace bra, in the pictures Kylie seems to be rolling her eyes too. She captions the picture: “Walk up in this b**** like…! That Eye Roll tho.”

Kylie Jenner/Credit:
Kylie Jenner/Credit:

Kylie was dressed in camouflage trouser that was low on her hips along with a cropped long-sleeved shirt. When Kylie Jenner lifted her arms and placed her hands on her head, her top raised and her lace bra then was revealed for the world to see. You know what they say, diamond is a girl’s best friend. Kylie complemented her look with a diamond necklace and studded earrings for the Bling Bling!

Kylie Jenner / Credit:
Kylie Jenner /


To perfect her look, the makeup artist in charge swept her black hair back, applied pink lipstick to her lips, and glimmering brown eye makeup. In the background of the picture, Kylie’s man Tyga can be seen with a broad smile on his face. Tyga’s dressed in a backward baseball cap on his head, sunglasses, and a colorful jacket. Before that on the same day, Kylie shared a picture of the two of them before leaving to their private jet.

Tyga & Kylie Jenner

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