Lifestyle Things You’ve Been Doing All Wrong

Fashion is not everyone’s cup of tea. While it is a tricky business, there are certain fashion items that you can certainly take of, with ease. We complicate things when we don’t know the simpler way of doing them.

Here are 14 fashion things you never knew you were doing wrong and provide simpler ways of doing them:

#1. How to roll your sleeves correctly. 


Follow the instructions and feel the difference! Rolling your sleeves as mentioned here will not act as a constraint to your elbows and this method is also easier.


#2. Bobby pin.


Wearing a bobby pin the right way will keep your hair in place for a longer time and will also give you a neat look. You can wear it all day long and let it take care of loose strands.


#3. Packing clothes.


If you are going for a long vacation and have to pack a lot of stuff, you need to roll your clothes so that you use less space and can accommodate more things in your luggage.


#4. Fitting into new shoes.


New shoes can be tight and can leave a shoe bite on your feet. To avoid this: put on socks first, then wear your new soles and blow dry them.


#5. How to wear a tie pin correctly.


Tie pins are sleek and are used to keep the tie in its place. However a common mistake is to pin it only to the tie. The correct way is to put one end of the pin between two buttons of the shirt and the other end to the tie and pin it.


#6. Wear a brassiere correctly.


A lot of women wear brassiere in different ways. Many clasp it in front, turn it around and then wear the straps. However, this is wrong and at times can be very uncomfortable. Instead, you should first slide those straps up, bend a little, make sure that the cups comfortably secure the breasts, and then clasp it at the back. This way is quick, easy and comfortable too.


#7. Wear scarves like a pro!


Scarves can be very tricky to wear. All you have to do is to tie the knot as shown in the picture and voila! You are done knotting a scarf in minutes.


#8. Wash your denims the right way.


Washing denims regularly can fade them and ruin their material. But how do you get rid of its odour? Seal your pair in a zip-lock bag and put it in the freezer overnight. This will get rid of the odour while still retaining its colour.


#9. Dry nail polish efficiently.


Every time you apply nail polish and you have to reach for some or the other thing, you end up ruining the nail polish. Isn’t that frustrating? At times you don’t have enough patience to wait for it to dry. With this new technique you don’t have to wait for your lacquer to dry for long. After you are done applying the polish, wait for a couple of minutes and then dip your hands in ice cold water for some time, and you are done.


#10. Fold clothes in a jiffy.


Are you one of those people who keep procrastinating folding clothes because it is banal? Well, then this gif will certainly help you. It is not rocket science. All you have to do is hold one end vertically, join it with the hem of the top and then fold it.


#11. Use these items to clean and shine your patent leather shoes. 


You might be wondering how these products could ever replace shoe polish? However, using these common household products not only gives the same shine as boot polish, but also increase the longevity of the material. Guaranteed.


#12. Curling hair. 


Do you wrap hair around the clamp of the curling iron? Well then, you should stop doing that. Instead, wrap your hair around the iron and not the clamp. This will curl hair faster and better.


#13. Apply foundation.


If you apply foundation using brush, don’t stroke it in upward direction, instead use the brush in downward strokes. Doing so will ensure that the foundation is spread evenly in a short period of time.




We all saw the difference when Mike Ross wore a tailor made suit suggested by Specter in Suits. Suits are generally a a one time investment, so getting them customised is worth it. But a lot of men make the mistake: they opt for ready-made suits.

close chip bag

#16. Drinking with a Straw

Drink with the straw skillfully like this so the straw’s position is fixed.

fix the straw position


#17.Applying Nail Polish

Randomly polishing your nail doesn’t make your nails look prettier. Try this:

Apply Nail Polish



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