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How to Lose Weight According to Your Body Type

A lot of people follow random weight loss plans, some of them might be extreme, and still can’t lose the expected weight. There are different types of bodies and you cannot expect one single method to work on all of them. Here are the 3 main body types for women and how to lose weight according to your type.

The Apple/Oval shape.

For this body type, weight builds up mostly in the midsection area (tummy). Legs tend to be thinner as well. Cardio is the oval body’s best friend! Inclined treadmill and stair climber generate an overall weight loss. Avoid the ellipsis because the legs are too thin for this exercise and will probably start hurting shortly after. And to fix the leg issue, strength training is recommended to build muscle in the legs and have a stronger support for the upper body.

The Apple/Oval shape/
The Apple/Oval shape/

Best foods to eat are fresh fruit, legumes and cereals, lean meat and healthy fats (fish and nuts), herbal teas and water. It is much recommended to reduce animal fat intake.

The Pear Shape.

Women with this body type carry extra weight in their lower body (hips, thighs and buttocks) and generally have a smaller waist and bust. To lose weight, cardio targeting the lower section is recommended, such as walking, cycling and the elliptical. Strength training for the upper body can be added to balance the shape, especially in the shoulders and chest area.

The Pear Shape/
The Pear Shape/

Best foods to eat are low fat foods, fresh fruits and legumes and a very low amount of starch (bread, potato, beans…)

The Hourglass Shape.

Women who have the hourglass shape are genetically lucky. Their bust and hips are the same size, and waist is many inches smaller. Weight gain is usually distributed equally between the hips and the bust and likewise for weight loss. Many consider the hourglass shape to be the perfect figure. Exercise should be balanced between cardio and strength training to maintain the proportions.

The Hourglass Shape/
The Hourglass Shape/

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Best foods to eat are high protein foods (eggs, milk, lean meat..) and vegetables. Try to avoid high fat intake such as animal fats and nuts.

Best foods to eat are high protein foods and vegetables
Best foods to eat are high protein foods and vegetables



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