This Man Gave Up Sugar And Alcohol For A Month, See What Happened Next

The results of no Sugar and Alcohol is Amazing.

#1 Sugar & Alcohol Free

Dutch native Sacha Harland wanted to do an experiment of giving up sugar and alcohol completely for a month. He was curious to see the body changes that would happen if he cut out the bad stuff. His journey was far from easy, but the results were easy. He decided to film this health experiment and uploaded to YouTube.


#2 Physical Test

He started with a full physical screen, and discovered that his blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol wee higher than normal levels.


#3 The Struggle Was Real

The beginning was a complete struggle, as he began to have mood swings and was snappy with his friends.

#4 Meal Plan

His diet plan for the month was extremely strict, causing him to wonder if he could go through with this after all…

#5 Day 25..

But, by day 25 he began to get used to his diet, and his medical conditions started to show vast improvements.

#6 Extreme Difference

“I also have more energy and I have lost eight pounds,” he continued, “My blood pressure went from 135 to 125… my cholesterol went down by 8% and my blood sugar is considerably less.”


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