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Meet Real Life Rambo Abu Azrael Who strikes fear in the hearts of ISIS men

Every war needs a poster boy and it seems Iraq’s war against ISIS just got its own hero delivered in the form of mercurial Abu Azrael. The name Abu Azrael roughly translates to ‘The Angel of Death’ in Arabic and correctly so, because the Iraqi soldier has so far killed almost 1500 ISIS affiliates.

Abu Azrael, ‘The Angel Of Death’© YouTube

The 40-year-old named Abu Azrael  (real name: Ayyub Faleh al-Rubaie) is a former Taekwondo champion and the current Shia commando of Kataib al-Imam Ali, one of the most fierce enemies of ISIS fighting in Tikrit. The reason why he is so popular on social media and amongst the Iraqi community is because of the brutality with which he treats members of the terror group – beheading, chopping and burning up their bodies, in that particular order.

Abu Azrael, ‘The Angel Of Death’© YouTube

The badass fighter is mostly seen in videos over the internet with weapons of his choice – guns, axes, and swords—abusing the dead bodies of ISIS soldiers. The indigenous Iraqi Rambo strikes fear in the hearts of ISIS men because of his brutal stance against those killing in the name of religion. He even has a bounty on his head as his methodical kills are generating enough press to demoralize the ISIS staff.

The way he hunts down ISIS men reminds us of one particular John Rambo – the 80’s fictional character, taking on armies single-handedly.

Abu Azrael, ‘The Angel Of Death’© YouTube

But mercenary Abu Azrael is clearly one-up John Rambo because of the way he hunts his enemies with his motto of “Illa Tahin” which translates to ‘Nothing remains but flour’ – meaning he wants to crush ISIS to the ground like flour.

Abu Azrael, ‘The Angel Of Death’© Facebook

In one of the videos, he is seen telling the camera: “ISIS, this will be your fate, we will cut you like Shawarma”. No matter how harsh, his ways are definitely working on the ground as the Iraqi town of Sinjar was reclaimed almost one year after being captured by ISIS.



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