Meet Ira Singhal UPSC Toper

Ira Singhal. Got Barred From Civil Services Because Of Her Physical Disability, Went On To Top UPSC

Meet Ira Singhal UPSC Toper, the 31-year-old woman from Delhi, who has topped the civil services exam this year, and who must be all over your Facebook feed by now. And why not? The woman has topped an exam that is believed to be the hardest exam in the country. Every year millions of IAS aspirants appear, and only a few manage to crack it. Ira’s tale of sheer grit and will power is an inspiring one.


What makes Ira’s achievement all the more applaudable is the fact that she did it despite a physical deformity that could break down the toughest of us. Ira suffers from scoliosis, a disability that hampers her arm movement and has caused her spine to bend.

Due to this very reason, she was refused a post in the IAS department, despite having cleared the monster of an exam. Yes, she cleared the IAS exam in 2012, but the authorities cited her “inability to push, pull, and lift” as reason to refuse her a post.

Her father told Huffpost India how the authorities had denied her entry into the most prestigious department in the country because of her short height (she is 4 feet 5 inches) and her disability. But Ira was not to be bogged down by some sarkari clause that denied her what she deserved. She fought a 4-year-long battle and won in the end. The Revenue Ministry had to finally had to giver her a post, and she is currently an assistant commissioner in the customs & excise department of the Indian Revenue Services.

Ira has a B.E. in computer engineering from NSIT, and an MBA from Faculty of Management Studies, both institutions of high repute. Her story of endless hard work and a never-say-die spirit simply proves everything is possible.

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