Most Intense Movie Fight Scenes Ever

Fight scenes have become an important part of movie history. They can easily suck an audience member in with their high impact, mindblowing, well choreographed, and over the top brutality. But one thing everyone loves is intensity in a fight scene because you just don’t know who will come out on top. Down below are the top ten most intense fight scenes ever.

10. The Dark Knight Rises – Batman vs. Bane

Don’t give me crap alright? Look, I know Nolan’s Batman series are not known for their fight scenes and particularly they are most often made fun of. But the final fight between Bane and Batman in The Dark Knight Rises got your blood pumping and eyes glued to the screen as this was the final fight of the trilogy. At first it looked like once again Bane would be victorious over Batman as he had the upper hand in most of the fight, but when Batman was able to destroy his mask and even the playing field, well you know the rest. And you can’t lie, this was one of Nolan’s better choreographed fight scenes throughout his trilogy.

9. Captain America: The Winter Soldier – Captain America vs Winter Soldier

This is no doubt one of the best superhero fight scenes ever. Captain America: Winter Soldier is a fantastic film, but what makes it even better were the fight scenes as they were well choreographed, realistic, and to top it off, very high impact. But the one that takes the cake is the fight between Captain America and the Winter Solider simply because it is a fight between two former best friends. The fight is just so intense as both are evenly matched in combat prowess and overall technique. I can remember when i first saw this fight and man was it a good one. I could barely take my eyes off the screen.

8. Troy – Achilles vs. Hector

Gotta love good ol’ Greek mythology right? The movie Troy features Brad Pitt as the demi-god Achilles, who fights Hector, the Prince of Troy in this notorious fight scene. Achilles is looking for revenge after his cousin is killed, who Hector mistook as Achilles himself. Achilles confronts Hector at his own kingdom and the two engage in a battle of shields and swords as two famous figures in Greek mythology. This fight scene is so intense because Hector is doing his best just to survive the onslaught of Achilles blows that it sooner catches up with him. The swordplay is so well choreographed in this scene it is amazing. Oh! And I’m also impressed with how Brad Pitt handled the scene without having a stunt double do all the heavy work. You can hear every clank and blow as the two fight to the death for their respective sides.

7. Fearless – Huo vs. Chin

From swordplay to brutal combat, Jet Li’s Fearless definitely deserves a spot on this list. This fight scene is the definition of no holds barred as these two fighters have it in for each other badly. These is one of Jet Li’s better fight scenes throughout his famous movie career.

6. Flashpoint – Donnie Yen vs. Colin Chou

Donnie Yen is one of the top action martial arts movie stars around doing numerous movies where he shows off impressive fight scenes, especially in IPMan. But IP Man is not on this list because this fight scene is simply better. In this fight scene we see Mr. Yen go up against a worthy foe in the final fight of the movie and both go at it like savage dogs. It makes for some bone-crushing hits and some MMA style fighting between the two. This fight scene alone is better than a majority of Hollywood’s fight scenes out there as its realism (well not really), stunts, choreography, and quality are second to none. Donnie Yen gives a fight scene to remember for a long time folks.

5. Jackie Chan – Who Am I?

Jackie Chan is awesome. This fight scene is intense but at the same time so campy it’s hilarious to watch. Jackie Chan being Jackie Chan goes against two guys at once being overpowered for the most part but finds some wit in that innocent brain of his and finds a way to come out on top. Just watch the fight scene it will brighten up your day.

4. Raid: Redemption – Brothers vs. Mad Dog

The Raid has some of the best action scenes of all time. No discussion about it, the fights are so well-choreographed you can see every hit, feel the impact of the hit, see death defying moves and so much more! This is no doubt a classic that deserves to be on this list and rightfully so. I won’t even tell you what happens with this final fight, just watch and be amazed by the glory.

3. The Way of the Dragon – Bruce Lee vs. Chuck Norris

This fight scene is on a whole different level, as two icons go head to head in an iconic scene. These two greats are martial art legends and we seem them go head to head in one of Bruce Lee’s most well-known films. Seeing this fight during that time had to be iconic and it was responsible for making Chuck Norris what he is today: Chuck Norris damn it. Just seeing these two trade blow for blow and using their master martial arts skills against one another is something that will forever be in the history books. Watch and be in awe folks.

2. The Matrix – Neo vs. Mr Smith

I’m gonna enjoy watching you die, Mr. Anderson. This fight is one of the things that made The Matrix series popular as a whole. Epic is all I’m going to use for this fight scene.

1. The Raid 2 – Final Fight

No words. Just watch. No words. Greatest fight scene ever.

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