Munde Kamaal De Movie | Review

MKD Movie Review

Director : Amit Prasher

Starring : Amrinder Gill, Yuvraj Hans, Binnu Dhillon, Mandy Takhar, Jaswinder Bhalla,B.N.Sharma, Karamjit Anmol, Sufi Gulati, Prabhjeet Kaur & others

Ratings *** (3/5)

What’s Good: The comedy; the performances.
What’s Bad: Climax should’ve been far more impactful
Verdict: Sure Shot Hit
Loo break: Not really.

Run Time : 106 Minutes

Synopsis : Amrinder Gill & Yuvraaaj Hans Fall in love with the daughters of Bhalla Sahib.However, they are physically Challanged as Amrinder is deaf & Yuvraj is dumb. due to which they face a hard time in convincing Bhalla sahib, In order to gain the trust of Bhalla sahib both the boys do not want to reveal the truth of their disability for which they take the help of their friend Binnu Dhillon who himself is blind and the chaos Begins.

Movie Review :Munde kamaal De is a hardcore comedy movie by director amit prasher everyone who is in starcast has performed very well. Performances : Amrinder Gill in a role of deaf is innocent as he looks innocent in his earlier movies. Yuvraj Hans’ character is mute audience will enjoy his actions with hands this time. Binnu Dhillon in role of blind is awesome he can make any scene look better just with his punches, as well as Jaswinder bhalla they both steals the show. Raghveer boli has good potential to be turn out as main stream comedian in punjabi cinema. BN Sharma & Karamjit Anmol also will entertain you. Nothing much to do for mandy takhar but in short role she looks stunning on screen.

In her debut sufi gulati has done good job. Prabhjeet Kaur is also decent. Technically, MKD looks vibrant, perhaps too vibrant.The cinematographer does a sleek job though, with the angles and clever shots. He smartly avoids close-ups of Trio. There aren’t too many songs in MDK, Specially ” DIljaniya ” is awesome. Back ground music by salil amrute gives advantage to lift movie at higher peak. Naresh Kathuria (Writter) knows about the pulse of punjabi audience, Naresh has done a great job here, by trying to attempt something which is new and at the same time looks funny on screen. Final words : Diredctor Amit Prasher`s ” Munde Kamaal De ” is a sure shot entertainer. Go & watch with family


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