Netflix Is Getting New Interface Design Done


Netflix has begun rolling out a completely refreshed and redesigned web interface to a handful of its users today, with a full launch of the updated UI coming to the rest of us in June.

The new design has kicked Netflix’s old scrolling carousel design to the kerb, in favour of a design that’s more in line with the service’s apps across smart devices.

Users will now click to horizontally cycle through through titles, which is a much quicker process than hovering a mouse cursor at the end of a row and waiting for new titles to scroll into view.

Lookin’ good, Netflix

In addition to Netflix’s faster browsing method, it’s now easier to select specific episodes and view information about Netflix shows and movies.

Currently for most users, clicking on a title will automatically start playing it, and hovering over it will only give you a tiny bit of information about it.

In the new version, clicking on a title keeps you on the same screen, divulging movie, show and episode information specific to the title right below it.

It will also reveal an extra set of options that allow users to easily choose an episode, find similar shows or movies, add the title to their My List and more.

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