New Deadpool Billboard Is Awesome

In a cinematic landscape of ever-so-serious do-gooders — a world defined by its Bat-folk, Men of Steel, and Captain Americas — it always seemed something of a long shot that we would actually get to see as fundamentally insane a superhero as Wade ‘Deadpool’ Wilson hit the big screen. The Merc with a Mouth is, after all, a fourth-wall-breaking, violence-spewing, fundamentally broken killer-for-hire, with a meta streak a mile wide and the moral compass of an unusually depraved alligator. He is not, in other words, an obvious ‘safe choice’ for cinematic adaptation.

Which is why it’s just so goddamned fantastic that he’s getting one anyway, and that it’s set to hit the big screen in just a few short weeks. What’s more:

The Latest Billboard For ‘Deadpool’ Is Just Perfect

Yes, that’s right. It’s two emoji, one of a skull, and another of a small pile of excrement, accompanied by a giant letter L. On a billboard. In L.A.

Dead. Poo. L.

It’s simple. It’s stupid. It’s way more hilarious than it has any right to be. And even better? It’s in theaters February 12.

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