New Headlights Detect People In The Dark | Ford

American carmakers ford are developing headlights that can detect Animals as well as People in the dark…

The American carmaker ford is going to develop the advance headlights for car that can detect animals , people and even  make easy to unpleasant situations in the dark.

The advanced headlight system is camera based that can widen the light at the junctions and the roundabouts to provide the better visibility and illumination to driver. The light system will also help to diver to draw the attention towards the people or animanls those are walking on the road or even cyclists.

Advanced front headlighting system of ford’s is built up on the adaptive front lighting system or traffic sign recognition system which is exists in very few models of ford.

The front headlighting system is also use the GPS information to make better illumination of bend ands dips of the route. When the GPS information is not available, the forward facing video camera mounted in the rear-view mirror base take charge to detect lane markings and predict the roads.

The vice president for Ford research Mr. Ken Washington and advanced engineering says that many people those drive at night have a quick reaction on something and someone suddenly appear on the road .

‘Advanced fornt lighting camera based system or spot lighting helps to ensure the driver is quickly alerted to pedestrian and animals that could present a danger’.

Much more, the camera will stores the information in the navigation system. The headlights will adapt to the course of the road automatically, When the drive will use the same road again.

By #Vipra


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