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New Nexus Phone Pics Leaked

Upcoming Nexus Leaked

There were rumors in the air that the nexus phone will be a 5.7 inch phone  but seems like these reports are putting face to the rumors.

Following leaked images were leaked online on reddit by some anonymous user. We must say that the phone looks a bit weird and unconventional from the designs of the phone that are nowadays. This model is of Huawei company and these are the testing models of the phones that are put to test before officially launching the phone.

Upcoming Nexus Leaked

Google hold annual conferences of Nexus phones around October where they decide the tenders or also launch the phone specs in the public. This year Huawei and LG are batting up for the contract of nexus phones. We must say that this Huawei nexus has an unusual hump that we haven’t seen in last 3 years.

There are two views of the phone one is front and another is the back. The camera is in the hump and seriously the phone looks like more of bar scanner machine than a phone. In end there is also a round space that maybe a fingerprint scanner that LG phones have or that may have the company logo there that is still not clear.

Upcoming Nexus Leaked

While looking at these bizarre photos we cannot confirm the authenticity and the legitimacy of the phone dimensions, shape and design.


By #Tushar Luthra



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