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Nokia New Android

Nokia’s pretty much been lying low since Microsoft bought its mobile business then dropped the namefrom its Lumia phones, but a return is now imminent.

There have been rumors since last year that Nokia would re-enter the smartphone market with a newAndroid phone – its first in some time – and today those rumors are confirmed.

Nokia’s president in China, Mike Wang, said the company will use its Chinese factories to build new Android phones in 2016, reports G For Games.

We’ve asked Nokia to confirm it, but unless the site is way off-base this sounds like the real deal.

Given the focus on China Nokia could be looking to return to the Android market with some low-end or mid-tier devices, but we can only speculate on that front – Wang revealed no further details.

We’ll be watching for more word, and in the meantime we’ll update this article if we receive confirmation from Nokia that it’s really making Android phones for 2016.

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