Now Make Group Calls For FREE With “Popcorn buzz” App

Make Free calls

The messaging service LINE, has diversified and launched another app called “Popcorn buzz”. The app is currently available only on Android offers free group call app. In a single call, this app allows up to 200 participants to simultaneously converse.
Most of the existing apps that offer group calling service require you to pay for the same. However, for using Popcorn Buzz all that one need to do is: download it from Play Store and choose a username. Post this, the app will ask you to upload a profile picture. By sending out each group call’s unique URL via email, text message, or another communication method of the user’s choice, they can start making group calls with friends without any delay. Additionally, existing LINE users can log in to Popcorn Buzz with their LINE account to immediately synchronize their friends list data and get started making group calls with their LINE friends right away.

During group calls, users can see all the other call members’ icons, and tell who is talking via the green dots that light up in the lower right-hand corner of current talking users’ icons.

The company is planning to launch an iPhone app soon. It also plans to add more features into the app which include group video chat, interconnectivity with LINE groups, among others.

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