Now Windows Phone Can Also Make Calls From WhatsApp

When Whatsapp Calling Started in Android and Apple iOS it made Windows Phone left Behind in race with a big gap. which effected Windows badly. But Today is the Day When Windows Phone are warmly welcomed by Whatsapp for Calling Features which gave them back a kick to push tell self back in the market. Whatsapp Calling is supported by Windows 8 and Above.whatsapp-calling-windows


WhatsApp Calling features available in Microsoft windows version 2.12.60. As you know what this feature does but still let me tell you again ” WhatsApp Calling Let you do FREE CALLING with internet ” You can make calls to any Whatsapp Calling enabled Device. whats app allows users to call from its App As A default Calling Feature.

As Because of Slow Internet Speed in India Its not that Much Popular. As because of slow internet Call drops After every second.

By #BM

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