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Now Windows Phone Can Also Make Calls From WhatsApp

WhatsApp Calling Feature in Windows

When Whatsapp Calling Started in Android and Apple iOS it made Windows Phone left Behind in race with a big gap. which effected Windows badly. But Today is the Day When Windows Phone are warmly welcomed by Whatsapp for Calling Features which gave them back a kick to push tell self back in the market. Whatsapp Calling is supported by Windows 8 and Above.whatsapp-calling-windows


WhatsApp Calling features available in Microsoft windows version 2.12.60. As you know what this feature does but still let me tell you again ” WhatsApp Calling Let you do FREE CALLING with internet ” You can make calls to any Whatsapp Calling enabled Device. whats app allows users to call from its App As A default Calling Feature.

As Because of Slow Internet Speed in India Its not that Much Popular. As because of slow internet Call drops After every second.

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