Odd-Even Monday ,How Delhiites Managed on Monday


A sea of crowd was seen at Delhi Metro stations on the first working Monday after the implementation of Delhi government’s odd and even formula.

During the peak hours (8-10 am) in the morning, the commuters today at metro stations faced trouble as there was a lot of fallings, pushing, shoving after they tried to get on and off inside the tightly packed coaches.

A video recorded in peak hours of the morning in the Delhi metro showed how people were struggling to get in and out from the metro. It shows uncountable number of heads fighting with each other while getting trying to book a place inside the coach.

Though women have been exempted from Odd Even formula, but it was seen that metro commuting women were avoiding general coaches due to large number of males in it.

Some of the commuters nagged about the situation, while others showed determination and said that something has to be done to curb pollution.

“It was expected today. Obviously it’s much crowded today than regular days, and ab to aisa hi rahega kam se kam 15 din (it will be like this only, at least for fifteen days” said Rajeev who is a daily commuter from New Delhi to sector 18 Noida.

“I stay in Noida and my office is in Connaught Place, there is no respite from this crowd. Sometimes people get on your nerves, especially when you travel in the general coach. That’s the reason, I would rather reach late than boarding a male’s coach in Delhi metro” said Shravya.

“Though I own a car, it has odd number for today. It doesn’t make any sense to commute by car on alternate days and take metro on and off. I think it’s better if I travel by metro, it’s still convenient than traffic and saves you from hassles and other challans” said Prashant.

The heavy crowd added more woes for elderlies. “I have severe back ache problem, it becomes extremely difficult for me to travel standing from New Delhi to Noida city centre, it’s every day’s struggle but now it seems that I am not getting any seats for next 15 days. Autos are very expensive for me, I can’t afford them every day” said Ramesh Lal, who is a shop owner in grocery shop Noida.



Residents of Delhi were on Monday pleasantly surprised to see the usual choke-points in the city mostly free of heavy traffic on the third day of the odd-even scheme implemented to check the record-high air pollution in the world’s most polluted capital.

While chief minister Arvind Kejriwal and home minister Satyendra Jain car-pooled with transport minister Gopal Rai in his Tata Nano to the Delhi Secretariat, tourism minister Kapil Mishra took a bus to office.

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With restrictions on the numbers of cars on the streets for two weeks, 5,500 buses have been pressed into service to tackle the rush, while Metro is expected to carry 32 lakh commuters, against the previous data of 26 lakh daily.

Several commuters took to Twitter to share their experience of finding less traffic on roads and being able to reach their destinations in almost half the time it usually takes.





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