OnePlus Mini pictures leaked online

It looks like we may get to see a new variant of the OnePlus One very soon.

Images of a new phone expected to be launched before year end, OnePlus Mini, have now surfaced online on Chinese website Mobile-dad. The black coloured phone’s front looks very similar to other smartphones from OnePlus.

However, OnePlus Mini also features a design tweak. The back of the device features a circular finger print scanner like AppleTouch ID’s, along with two cameras with LED flash. The device also has a pair of machined grills for speaker and microphone at the bottom.

OnePlus Mini also appears to have a more rounded profile and looks thinner than other smartphones from OnePlus.

No other information is available about the phone at the moment.

It’s worth mentioning that OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei had told USA Today in August that the company plans to launch another smartphone before year end. He had not shared any other details about the new phone that time.

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