Project Ara- The next generation “smart” phone

Project Ara- The next generation “smart” phone


Are you upgrading to next phone because of slow processor speed? Why don’t you just change the processor of your phone? It sounds ridiculous but now it’s reality.
Google is developing a modular phone and the name of project is “ Project Ara”. But first you should know that project Ara is not a name of the phone, it’s not even accurate to call it a project, it’s more like a mission. A mission to create a viable and affordable product and stewardship of hardware ecosystem.

ATAP ( Advanced Technology and projects group) another team at Google which is in charge of the project Aura. ATAP had set its own deadline of two years to create the final product of which one year has passed & only one year is left.

If you are still unknown of the project, here is what you should know.



The prototype



It’s an endoskeleton phone with different rectangular/square shaped slabs on the phone. In the empty slabs the modules are to be fitted in.
traditional phones put many parts in the single circuit but here the developers have laid down the single board in which the consumer can put his own module( blocks) in the phone, Just like the motherboard of PC.
If you are thinking that “what if these modules come/fall off?” Developers have the solution of this they are using electropermanent magnets to keep them in place. It is a cross between the permanent and electro magnet which has an on and off state and the component do not use any power in both states.
There are 3 different frames for the Handset

The next future


Consumer can modify the phone that is not just unique not just custom but it express themselves. Here consumer is the king of his own decisions and choice as it provides tremendous flexibility in respect of specs and cost.
So you are a hardcore gamer and you need superfast and agile processor? Swap to the high end processor
So you are an amateur photographer? Swap to the best available camera in the phone.
The phone is based on the exact needs of the consumer and they doesn’t need to spend an extra penny on the feture they don’t need.
Ara could be a cheaper option in the long run if you keep the same body and swap certain parts.
This project can enhance entrepreneurship in the market of manufacture of mobile components. When a manufacturer of components say a camera company or a battery company want to get it’s part into the smartphone , it needs to convince both the factory and the actual smartphone company to include it. But if these small companies directly sell the components to the consumer then the Ara wouldn’t need giant manufacturers like Foxconn, Pegatron or even Samsung or HTC to build android smartphones.

Launch date

Google say that they will launch the phone in Puerto Rico in the end of 2015.

Project Ara — both the proposed phone and the organization trying to create it — is a complicated system.  But even if all that happens, expect the result to be somewhat inefficient, a little confusing, a tad bulky, and still the most intriguing thing to happen to phones in years.



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