Rafael Nadal play Strip Tennis with Models

Rafael Nadal did us all a solid on Tuesday afternoon during a celebrity tennis match in New York’s Bryant Park. ┬áThe King of the Clay Court, decked out in a gray Tommy suit, destroyed a group of models that included Constance Jablonski, Chanel Iman and Hannah Davis, forcing his gorgeous opponents to remove a layer of clothing for each point.

Sadly, Nadal left his girls off relatively easy. Iman stripped down the most, shedding her socks and shoes in addition to her cardigan and top so that she was swinging at Nadal’s serves in naught but a sports bra and skirt. The male models, on the other hand, found themselves in their boxer briefs.

The Bryant Park event celebrated the official launch of TH Bold, the new Hilfinger fragrance for men developed in collaboration with Nadal. While model Noah Mills said he assumed that an Olympic gold medalist like Nadal would like the Spanish seaside, if Bold is any indication, it’s more of a cedar, sandalwood and vetiver mixed with a sliver of tangerine. The scent is available for pre-order now.

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