Ranking the Marvel Post Credits Scenes

Back in 2008 Marvel started a tradition; teasing future films in short scenes after the credits, fans and mainstream audiences have become so enamored with these little teases over the years that sometimes they’re more anticipated than the movie itself. I will be ranking the worst to best Marvel Post Credits Scenes, I will not be including the one from “Age Of Ultron” although it would rank very high on the list as I’m guessing most of you haven’t seen it yet. So lets kick things off with number 14


THOR: THE DARK WORLD – Thor Stays on Earth

I could have really done without this one, it wasn’t really funny….other than the beast from Jotunheim left stranded on Earth, it didn’t add to the story and it felt like a waste of time, also it spent more time on perhaps the least interesting thing about the Thor movies; his relationship with Jane Foster. Post Credits Rating – 3.8/10


Fans eagerly awaited through all of “Guardians Of The Galaxy”‘s credits anticipating a hint at “Guardians Of The Galaxy 2” or “Avengers: Infinity War”…..but instead we got left with a throwaway appearance from Howard the Duck, a character who can be spotted earlier in the film in the Collector’s house of artifacts.

A CG Howard the Duck appears after the credits in Guardians after Cosmo the Space Dog licks the Collector on the face; “What do you let it lick you like that for?……Gross” Howard asks and claims whilst sipping on a cocktail among the wreckage caused earlier in the film. The character is voiced by Family Guy voice actor Seth Green. Post Credits Rating – 5/10

IRON MAN 3 – “I’m not that type of Doctor”

For months and months the rumor was that the post credits scene for “Iron Man 3” would see Tony Stark fly off into space in a brand new suit and meet up with the Guardians Of The Galaxy, of course our minds ran rampant on that one and it wasn’t true at all. Instead this was another one of Marvel’s less serious efforts. Tony has been narrating portions of the movie like he’s talking to the audience, but it turns out he’s talking to his Science Bro Bruce Banner in a therapist type situation. We see that Bruce has been sleeping the entire time and heard little to none of Tony’s exciting story. Post Credits Rating – 6/10

THE INCREDIBLE HULK – “Putting a team together”

This scene is one that often gets overlooked but it was like the first “Iron Man” a small tease of bigger things to come. General Ross is enjoying a drink at a bar and in comes genius, playboy, billionaire, philanthropist Tony Stark hinting at the Hulk’s place among the Avengers. This one doesn’t really fit as well into continuity as the others as this isn’t how Bruce Banner came onto the team at all, but it is a very good tease! Post Credits Rating – 6.5/10


This was the one that started off the trend of two post credits scenes, one being serious and foreshadowing, one being a but lighter. In this now iconic post credits scene we see the gang relaxing and enjoying a meal and a Shawarma joint after a hard days work.

The scene actually didn’t appear on International screens, it was shot a day after the films US Premiere. Chris Hemsworth had lost about 30 pounds for a new role and was worried the costume wouldn’t fit him and Chris Evans can be seen hiding his face with his hand due to him growing a beard for a new role. No words are spoken, but food is eaten and its Marvel’s funniest post credits scenes to date. Post Credits Rating – 7/10

CAPTAIN AMERICA – Avengers First Teaser

This was one that really surprised audiences, at first we see Steve Rogers beating the snot out of a punching bag and in comes Nick Fury with a new mission, suddenly we were shown a lot of short clips from 2012’s “The Avengers” which would finally bring together Iron Man, Hulk, Thor and Captain America in what many people consider the greatest comic book movie of all time. Post Credits Rating – 7.2/10

THOR – The Tesseract

This is another after credits scene that goes overlooked among fans, our first tease at the Cosmic Cube or The Tesseract, the object of power that Loki steals from S.H.I.E.L.D at the beginning of “The Avengers”, we know now that the Tesseract is one of six Infinity Stones, it is the space gem, it can access other worlds and provide unlimited power. Here we see Dr. Erik Selvig talking to Nick Fury and Loki appears in a reflection, clearly showing that is going to manipulate Selvig and acquire the cube for himself. Post Credits Rating – 7.5/10

IRON MAN – The Avengers Initiative

This was the world’s first taste of Marvel’s future plans to bring together a group of remarkable people, who could fight the battles that we never could. Nick Fury has broken into Tony Stark’s Malibu mansion to tell Tony that he’s not the only superhero in the world, that by becoming Iron Man he has entered a whole new world. This was also our first look at Samuel L Jackson as Nick Fury. Post Credits Rating – 7.8/10

IRON MAN 2 – Mjolnir

At the end of perhaps Marvel’s worst film we did get a very good post credits sting, Agent Coulson drives out to New Mexico where he comes across a crowd of people surrounding an object….what is that object? Oh….it’s only Thor’s freaking hammer! One of the most powerful weapons in the Marvel universe just stranded in the New Mexico desert! I can remember first seeing this post credits sting back in 2010 and absolutely losing my mind! This was the first sign of very powerful things to enter the Marvel Universe. Post Credits Rating – 8/10


The second post credits scene for “The Winter Soldier” wasn’t a comedy scene like a lot of us were expecting, instead it saw Bucky Barnes aka The Winter Soldier, go to the Smithsonian Museum and see his face on a memorial which details his life. The subtle expression on Bucky’s face was priceless as he learns that Steve was right. Along with the expression was Henry Jackman’s haunting Winter Soldier theme which perfectly accompanied the visuals on screen. Post Credits Rating – 8.5/10

THOR: THE DARK WORLD – The Collector

The first tease at the end of “Thor: The Dark World” was a nice lead into 2014’s “Guardians Of The Galaxy” it featured Benicio Del Toro as The Collector who was receiving the “Aether” from Sif and Volstagg. This is where we first learn that both the Aether and the Tesseract are in fact Infinity Stones, the rare and powerful artifacts that Thanos is searching for so that he may become the most powerful being in the universe. This scene was actually directed by Guardians director James Gunn. One down….five to go. Post Credits Rating – 8.7/10

THE AVENGERS – “To challenge them…is to court….death”

To many fans this is still the very best post credits scene Marvel has done, it teased the biggest baddie in the Marvel Universe that made true Marvel fans in every theater shake with excitement. “The Other” is telling his master of Loki’s failed attempt at subduing the Earth….and who is exactly is his master…its the Mad Titan himself….Thanos! He stands up from his throne, turns to the camera and gives his signature smile after his servant tells him “To challenge them (the Avengers) is to court….death” all us comic geeks know that Thanos is in love with death, in some iterations death is even personified, he’s obsessed with it, so….he’s ready to take that challenge head on.

We thought that Thanos would be the big villain in Avengers 2…but this is a long road, we’ve had a couple more looks at Thanos in movies since Avengers and he’s being played by Josh Brolin, but we’ll have to wait until “Avengers: Infinity War Part 1” to see him go head to head with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.Post Credits Rating – 10/10

CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER – “This is the age of miracles”

Baron Von Strucker, one of Hydra’s leading members is conducting dangerous experiments in a secret lair with the help of Loki’s Scepter from “The Avengers” the mind manipulating weapon is being used to enhance humans. The only two survivors of Strucker’s experiments are Pietro and Wanda Maximoff, or Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. They are held in cells exhibiting their unique abilities. “It’s not a world of spies anymore, not even a world of heroes, this is the age of miracles Doctor. There’s nothing more horrifying….than a miracle”

This scene is at the very top of my list because of its incredible production value, the acting and script and of how well it ties into “Avengers: Age Of Ultron”, the twins play an integral role in the new Marvel film and are one of the best things about it and this tease at their characters in last years “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” left me absolutely giddy. Post Credits Rating – 10/10

What are your guys favorite Marvel Post Credits Scenes? Do you agree with my list or have a different opinion? Either way let me know in the comments below!


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