Russia bans Wikipedia over an article on Marijuana and then reverse the ban after few hours

Seems like even the Russian federation is government is following the lines of china by banning the websites on petty issues.

The matter is over “charas” that is a handmade form of hash that is used more in our country (i.e INDIA). The Wiki page reportedly showed instructions on how to make the stuff.

As even Wikipedia uses the “ HTTPS” the government of Russia cannot censor the single page. So the entire Wikipedia was banned or put offline by the Russia’s Roscomnadzor agency ( the government wing which is charged of censoring the objectionable content on internet).

Russian government thinks that by just banning and censoring the internet it’s citizens will apparently forget the existence of Drugs.

In a similar case Reddit was banned over  a thread on psychedelic mushrooms.

But the ban lasted for few hours since the public outrage on social media about banning the  website over petty issue.

The communications agency lifted the ban on after saying that the website has to comply with the court decision.

Ironically just the title of article was changed and government seems to be satisfied by it.

So lame

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