Russia Responds With S-400 Missiles, Warplanes to Su-24 Downing

As Russian President Vladimir Putin said this action will have its consequence and now Russia is deploying S-400 missile defense systems, Cruiser carrier ‘Moskva’ and warplanes in the areas closer to the Turkish-Syrian border in response to yesterday’s Su-24 downing incident.

The S-400 anti-aircraft missile system will be deployed to the Hmeimim airbase,” Sergei Shoigu was quoted as saying by Russian media Wednesday.“The announcement came following the downing of a Russian fighter jet by Turkey inside Syria.

Russia is also moving a Cruiser ‘Moskva’ off the coast to strengthen air-defenses – just as French and US carriers are on their way.

The general staff also announced that all flights by Russian non-fighter aircraft, including bombers, in Syrian airspace will be accompanied by Russian warplanes from now on, DebkaFile reported.

S-400 arrival in Syria ( Russian air defense )

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