Russian Rich Kids Of Instagram Are P*ssing Off Putin

If you thought the Rich Kids of Instagram were bad, take a look at the Russian version.

Vladimir Putin’s ‘golden youth’ live an extravagant life of yachts, private jets, VIP parties and Lamborghinis – and they’re definitely not afraid to show it all off.

Despite the country’s economic woes, it seems like nothing will stop the lavish teenagers from flaunting their wealth – and it’s pissing off Putin.

They’ve got everything the rest of the Rich Kids of Instagram have – super cars, expensive champagne, lavish holidays, but Russia always goes one step further, so expect more half-naked women and guns on their account.



Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper said: “It turned out that Rublevka kids are just as good as heirs of Arab sheikhs and American bankers at living it up, and sometimes even better.”

Rublevka is the sought-after suburb of Moscow where more oligarchs live per square mile than anywhere else on the planet, the Daily Mail reports. And the money-no-object social media pictures show many of their offspring taking full advantage of the bank of mum and dad at the world’s most exclusive resorts.


And Putin is less than pleased. Such pictures have previously angered the president of Russia – he’s voiced that he’s against the top one per cent in Russia flaunting their wealth when many struggle to make ends meet, the Daily Mailreports.

Speaking of the photos, he said:

In Soviet times, some people used to flaunt their wealth by implanting gold teeth, ideally front teeth, in order to demonstrate the size of their fortune.

Lamborghinis and other expensive toys are exactly those gold teeth.

Basically, the Russian Rich Kids of Instagram are the new grillz.


And Putin’s views have been backed up by the country’s top churchman.

Orthodox Patriarch Kirill warned earlier this year:

If those of our people who have a lot of money would worry not only about the number of horsepower under their bonnets, and the number of floors in their houses, but also what those next to them think about it, then the psychological atmosphere in our country would be much better.

I don’t think that’s going to stop these rich kids from flaunting their lavish lifestyles, though.

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