Samsung Galaxy Note 5 | Release Date

As everyone knows that samsung is going to release its another Phablet another Version of Note 4 that will be called as Galaxy Note 5. to give Tough competition to Apple Iphone 6 Plus. samsung is planning to take iphone’s market by changing it date.


Earlier samsung launches its new devices in September but samsung is changing its date from September  to August. as last time Apples stoles the sale.

The Galaxy Note 5, is so far rumoured to have USB type C, wireless charging, 5.7″ screen, 4GB RAM, 4K display and a special S-pen styus. The phone is also rumoured to have an all new processor, the Samsung Exynos 7422. It’s rumoured to have octa-core processor, with the CPU, GPU, RAM, storage and cell connectivity all mounted on one chip.

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