Samsung Isn’t Pleased With This Grand Theft Auto V Mod

Samsung has had some particularly frustrating issues on its hands over the past few months having to do with its Galaxy Note 7 smartphone. Grand Theft Auto players saw the company’s misfortune with its Note 7 debacles as the phones have been outright exploding here and there as an opportunity to lampoon them.

A mod was created that puts the Note 7 into the game, which players can throw as a sticky explosive. It’s meant as a joke, obviously, touching on a very real problem for owners of the phone as it could catch fire and cause a lot of harm to users, going so far as being banned by an airline.

Samsung didn’t take kindly to videos being uploaded to YouTube of the mod, however, and has been requesting takedowns here and there on copyright grounds. You can check out the mod in action in the video above, though it wouldn’t be surprising if eventually that one bites the dust as well.

It’s a pretty funny mod, however, especially if you’ve been burned (hopefully not literally, but figuratively if you have to have been) by the company and its faulty product.

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