Show me the money | Corruption

A compilation of shocking notes all over

Rs. 2Lakhs: what it cost the Bengaluru municipality to trap 20 rats infesting it’s offices. That’s Rs. 20,000 per rat, and it is paid as per contracts to three pest control agencies, an RTI petition revealed.

Rs.2.5crore: The average monthly temple donations offered by opium growers to a temple in mandaphia, rajasthan. The growers, from the neemuch-Mandasur region of neighbouring MP, are devoted to Krishna, revered here as Sanwariaji.  Drug Peddlers make their offerings before the contraband hits the road. The deity , the believe helps them from getting caught.

75paise: The amount for which Dowry case was settled in Haryana. A certain Sanjeev Kumar demanded a car as dowry just days before his big day. Being well beyond their means, the girl’s side tried to make them see reason, but sanjeev’s family called off the wedding. The panchayat fined Sanjeev 75p for this terrible breach of trust.
$37.50 [ Rs. 2390]: The price a New jersey , USA , restaurant goer thought he was paying for a bottle of wine. The waitress said it cost “thirty-seven fifty,” but she had a different thirty- seven fifty in her mind, as in real price -$3750. In the end restaurant lowered the bill to $2200 [ Rs. 1,38,600 ONLY]

Rs. 1.3 CRORE: Pankaj parakh, a corporator from Maharashtra’s Yeola town, took his love for gold to a new low last year when, on his 45th birthday he wore  custom made gold shirt, weighing four kilos. For Parakh, a school drop out who made fortune in the garment business, showing up on the streets of Yeola in a couple of kilos of gold jewellery is a routine. “Why, for my marriage 23 years ago… I sported more gold than the bride,” he says.

Tushar Luthra

By #TusharLuthra

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