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Shows that are way TOO HOT for the Small Screen


TV shows are getting hotter and hotter!

Gone are the days where we had to stream shows on-line because they were too sexy to be aired on television! Nowadays, many series are providing us with enough steam to think twice about watching them with our parents. Here’s a list of TV shows that are currently running and are way too hot for the small screen.

The Affair

The title itself is enough to know that there will be a lot of action in it. And it’s not exclusive to the two people having the affair only, but everyone seems to be doing it! Prepare yourself for a couple of sex scenes in EACH episode and make sure to turn down the volume!

sexy tv shows


This show pretty much revolves around Olivia Pope having some sexy time with either Fitz or Jake. Whoever team you decide to be on, Olivia is definitely the winner here!

sexy tv shows

Pretty Little Liars

This show might be on top of the chick-flick category! With all the frustration throughout the 6 seasons to solve the never ending mystery, we also had our share of racy scenes and hot hookups!

sexy tv shows

These were definitely some of the hottest shows on TV today! Watch at your own risk, and we don’t recommend them on a plane or during family movie night!


This show has everything. A good plot, talented actors, great music and a lot of SEX! From Cookie to Jamal to Becky, everyone is getting their share.

sexy tv shows

Orange is the New Black

One of OITNB’s themes is the role of sex in a women’s prison, and they made sure it was pretty obvious through many steamy shower scenes!

sexy tv shows

Game of Thrones

They might be breaking our hearts by killing all of our favourite characters, but they’re also raising our heartbeats with all the sexy scenes!

sexy tv shows

How to Get Away with Murder
sexy tv shows

If you remove all the blood and murder scenes, the rest of the show is pretty much all about sex!



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