Spring and Summer Holiday Travel Essentials !!!

VACATION !!! The word is enough to describe what happiness ,joy and excitement is all about,vacations are something which everyone die to have and even memorizing our vacations gives us a mesmerizing feeling and to make those memories super happy and super stylish I am going to tell you what should be packed for your stylish vacation.

Firstly it would be CLOTHES of course, but what kind of stuff ?

So, it would be some nice chic shorts, ripped jeans of any color like black, blue, melody etc etc but I would like to pack one blue and one black ripped jeans as both of these goes with everything you wear on top. Keep some classy chiffon blouses, crop tops and one or two check shirts, I am in love with checks. Some charming floral print maxi dresses or short collar dresses would be perfect for your lovely holidays.


Scarfs add so much style and grace to your look. It’s not that you have to take it only around your neck but there are many more ways to carry a scarf.You can tie it nicely on your handbag or you can tie it as a hairband on your hairs or as rubber band on your ponytail and yes last but not the least you can carry it on your neck with a number of twist and turns.


Our skin is most precious to us, so don’t forget to keep a nice moisturizer and a night cream, keep the one which suits you the best, a must needed sunscreen, I prefer Lotus SPF 50 and Neutrogena SPF 50 as these are the best sunscreens I have used so far. Next would be a lip balm, lip glosses, a bb cream, an eye liner, mascara these are the most essential ones but you can carry any other makeup products of your choice which you love to use.


Dress up would be incomplete if we don’t gave our look a finishing touch by accessorizing ourselves. One of the most trendy accessories now a days are bohemain or say boho, boho neck pieces, earrings and bracelets are really out of the box. Along with these statement neck pieces and bracelets, watches are must to complete your look, I usually pack only three watches black, gold and silver and they are enough to add that X-factor in you. Also a pair of sunglasses is a must to give you that stunning celeb look, I like ray ban aviator, clubmaster and round frame sunglasses.You can carry any two you like because we can’t over stuff our luggage.


Footwear should be very comfortable during travelling because no one knows how much you gonna roam around, so carry a pair of sneakers it’s the most comfortable and gives you the coolest look with all your outfits and a pair of boots or brogues and slippers.
Now lets come to bags, well I will suggest that kind of bag which will go with all your outfits and the easiest to carry and that will be a sling bag. Sling bags works great with your dresses, jeans, tops and everything and being small in size its easy to carry.

Via-Fashion Stalkers

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