SWAT KATS To Make A Comeback After 22 Years

After 22 years and possibly a lot of struggle for finding funding and in anticipation of investors, Tremblay Brothers, the creators of Swat Kats, or as we know the show, Bahadur Bille, turned to the fans all over the world for support.

Tremblay Bros Studios finally resorted to Kickstarter and requested Swat Kats fans to raise funds for producing Swat Kats revolutions. The submission was launched on July 23 this year, asking for a US$50,000 basic funding to start on script and new character designs. Within a month, fans pledged over $141,000. The company, being overwhelmed by the reception, then started on the next plan of raising funds through Swat Kats merchandise. They started making shipments and the last update on November 1 suggests they made a big international shipment to good effect.

The creators talk on Kickstarter about their journey to the Hanna Barbara studios and creating Swat Kats and how they want to start the new TV bible.

We just hope they are able to raise the $1,500,000 they estimated to make a 70min movie. The hindi dubbed series is a long shot and comes much later of course. But we’re optimistic. Really optimistic! Because we want to see this again. In HINDI too.

Let’s all pray to that. AMEN!

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