Synopsis: Bigg Boss Double Trouble Day 40

Day 40 gives you food for thought – is all really fair in love, war and tasks? Exhibiting so-called ‘fairness’, Suyyash who is the supervisor of the task, turns to equality by giving the three captaincy candidates – Aman, Rochelle and girlfriend Kishwer – a second chance during the captaincy task. While the three chosen candidates for the next captain are to hold a bowl of coloured water each, they are also to ensure that they maintain constant hand contact with the bowl and do not spill the water. Meanwhile, Rishabh and Mandana are busy talking about how it does not really matter who wins. Adding to Rishabh’s point, Mandana says that Rochelle and Prince are once again thick as thieves!

Much to the amusement of the housemates, the gates of the Bigg Boss house open and in comes a rack of clothes accompanied by attendants. Their curiosity levels peak when the attendants do not speak a word about the role of the rack in the house. Soon the housemates forget about the newest element and focus on the captaincy task. Aman tickles all three contenders, trying to make them spill their drink.

Everyone joins the dots when the third wild card of the season, fashionista Kawaljeet Singh enters the house. Kawaljeet greets the housemates with a warm smile and tells Kishwer that she is ruling the house.

When Rochelle gets blamed by Rishabh for playing dirty, she gets defensive. She tells Rishabh off by saying that he would only understand her situation if he had someone outside the house who was sick, making a reference to Keith’s exit. At this point, Mandana interferes and says that Rochelle does not have to pretend like she is a nice and sweet girl because she showed her true colours when she spoke against Mandana during the secret room task. Defending herself, an irked Rochelle tells her that she is nice and sweet girl and she will always stand by it. She explains that Mandana is forgetting that it was the task which made her speak against Mandana. Mandana, once again, displays her escapist attitude by walking away from the situation. Turning her back on Rochelle, she leaves Rochelle screaming in the garden about how Mandana should stop spreading rumours about her.

While Kishwer, Suyyash, Rochelle and Aman are discussing the task which just took place, Prince indulges in a soliloquy of sorts where he expresses that he feels targeted during the captaincy task. Later into the night, Bigg Boss makes an announcement which brings to life the worst nightmare for the housemates. What could it be and what changes will it bring about in the house?

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