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North Korea says it conducts successful test of hydrogen bomb

North Korea said on Wednesday it had successfully carried out its first hydrogen bomb test, marking a major step forward in its nuclear development, if confirmed. "The republic's first hydrogen bomb test has been successfully performed at 10:00 am on January 6, 2016, based on the strategic determination of the Workers'

California Shooting leaves 4 dead, 17 critically injured

Suspect reported shot by police in dark SUV hours after attack; Obama calls for ‘steps’ to stop mass shootings As many as three gunmen believed to be wearing military-style gear opened fire Wednesday at a Southern California social services center, killing at least 14 people and wounding more than a dozen,

Russia plans to retaliate against Turkey by imposing sanctions

Russia plans to retaliate against Turkey for the downing of a warplane by imposing sanctions, cutting economic ties and scrapping major investment projects. Since the plane was shot down Tuesday in disputed circumstances on the Syria-Turkey border, Russia has already restricted tourism, left Turkish trucks stranded at the border and announced

The things Americans can’t sell

1.Not-so-free enterprise In an effort to curb a boom in wildlife trafficking, the Obama administration has announced plans to tighten up a ban on the sale of ivory. The measure would prohibit the import, export or resale of elephant ivory, with few exceptions. Ivory is just one example of a product that is

10 Facts About The United States Of America You Don’t Know

10 Facts About The United States Of America You Don’t Know 1. Alaska Purchase - The United States Of America purchased Alaska from Russia for only $7.2 million($121 million in 2015’s rates). The agreement between Russia and USA was signed on 30th March in 1867. (The $7.2 million check) 2. No Official Language - Most

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