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Auto Expo 2016 Will Be Biggest Of Its Kind-Organisers

As many as 1.25 lakh visitors are expected to visit the show everyday, a rise of 20 percent in footfalls over the 2014 exhibition. The organisers of Auto Expo 2016 on Thursday said its 13th edition from February 5 to 9 here is poised to be the biggest automobile carnival in India till now.  …

Audis, BMWs Available for Rs 2-10 lakh in flood-ravaged Chennai

If you wish to pick up a used fancy car at a throwaway price, maybe it is time to travel to the Tamil Nadu capital for some bargain-hunting. Thousands of cars, including marquee brands such as Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, Jaguar, Porsche and Bentley, are going under the hammer for as little as Rs 2…

Finest rides from the Detroit Auto Show

There are noisy whispers doing the rounds that because key brands like Bentley, Jaguar, Land Rover and McLaren aren’t showing at this year’s annual Detroit Auto Show, it’s a drab affair. But that argument is flawed because there’s enough firepower by way of the other manufacturers who are coming out in full strength at the…

Best Cars of 2015

As 2015 comes to an end lets look at this year best cars. Here are the ones that really stood out.   Best budget hatchback Maruti Suzuki Baleno   “What’s a hatchback doing on this list?” you may well ask. Granted, the Baleno isn’t a revolutionary car, nor will it ever leave sportscars for dead…

World’s Fastest Super Sedans

These behemoths ensure that you’ll never be late to a meeting again The days of stoic, stately limousines are over. Some of the most expensive executive sedans double up as mega powered warheads, barrelling out of the parking lot and making a beeline to the race track. Here are six that give a whole new…

Audi Launched New A6 2015 – Zigwheels | Review


The Audi A6  has always been the underdog in its segment in India. While some prefer the heritage of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class and some prefer the sportier appeal of the BMW 5 Series, the Audi A6 has always appealed to the slightly more understated individual who likes the car for its modernity over almost everything else….

14 Car Names You’ve Probably Been Pronouncing Wrong All This While

We spend a lot of time discussing about car engines, speed, performance, how to handle a car, and how well it performs during a crash test, among other things. The automotive world is full of names and when it comes to their pronunciation, we do fumble. It’s time we learn to say them right. 1. Audi…

Audi Made Diesel From Air And Water || Amazing

Audi diesel

A team of researchers working for Audi in Germany has managed to make diesel fuel using just water and carbon dioxide. The process, masterminded by cleantech firm Sunfire, is pretty simple. First, renewable energy is used to split water molecules into oxygen and pure hydrogen, while carbon dioxide is gathered from a biogas plant. Then,…

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