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Effective Ways to Grow Your Beard Properly

No man has ever won a manliness contest without rocking a beard. All the legendary men have had one – From Abraham Lincoln, Chuck Norris, all the way to Santa, have thick beards. This tells you that beards equals historic power. A beard has become emblematic of the final ingredient to

5 Ways To Make Your Facial Hair Grow Faster

Facial hair has always been a symbol of power, a sign of masculine supremacy and a source of immense pride. So for all the beard enthusiasts who are tired of settling for a patchy and wispy facial growth, let me tell you there’s hope. First of all, let me start

Hottest Beard Trends That Are Going To Be Hugely Popular This 2016

With every study hastily pointing to the ‘peak beard’—the concept which states that beards become less attractive to people when they become popular—we decided it was time to cut straight to the chase. While beards are not going anywhere out of sight, they are significantly lessening in both bulk and

A New Style Of Beard You Surely Need To Rock In 2016

We Indian men love the beard so much that we can’t cope with the fact that clean shaven look should be the new trend. Whatver the world maybe up to, Indian men always have a thing for beards, whatever style it maybe. There was a slight forecast that clean shaven look

Having a Beard Could Actually Help You Fight Sickness

Getting to look like a sexy lumberjack isn't the only benefit of having a beard. It turns out that a little scruff could also be good for your health. In an investigation led by the BBC, beards were found to contain microbes that kill bacteria — in other words, a potential

Tips To Maintain a Perfect Beard

Beards have been the ultimate symbol of machismo, since time immemorial and have been held with much pride. With the coming and going of numerous fads, a well-kept beard still manages to turn heads. This tutorial will help fellow beard aficionados in maintaining their facial hair properly. 1. Decide the Look Even something

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