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Heartfelt Quotes By Celebrities About Love, Heartbreaks & Relationships

Our celebrities are no different, when it comes to matter of love. They go through the same gamut of emotions, the same butterflies in the stomach, the same heartaches, just like any one of us. They have cheated, been cheated on, they have hurt and been hurt, they have loved and been loved. But unlike…

Iconic Roles From Films You Just Can’t Imagine Being Played By Any Other Actor

Actors are supposed to adapt to their respective roles and breathe life into several characters. In this venture, you’d often come across actors who were so good in a particular role that the character becomes unimaginable without them. They’re often etched into our memories as the character themselves and it becomes very difficult for us…


Meet Disha Patani, the new siren of B-town who is all set to make her debut along with Sushant Singh Rajput in the upcoming biopic on M.S Dhoni. This hot babe has more sides to her than just a pretty face! The 20-year-old beauty can light up the screen in her glam doll avatar And…

Here’s a glimpse of Dabboo Ratnani’s Calendar of 2016

Dabboo Ratnani has captured tons of Bollywood celebrities in his spectacular frames over the years. And that’s precisely why the ‘Dabboo Ratnani Calender’ is what it is, even after 17 years. Like each year, this time too, he has put out pictures which make all the actors look even more stunning than their real selves….

Bollywood Pic Posts That’ll Inspire You

Of late, a pic post has been doing the rounds on the Internet that warns people against Facebook’s ‘Free Basics’. Using a character who’s ‘stupid’, the post warns you to not be stupid like him. Now whether you love the concept of Free Basics or loathe it remains your personal choice, we realized that Bollywood…

Bollywood Rule The Hearts Of The People Around The World

Shah Rukh Khan’s Die-Hard German Fans Paid Tribute To Him In A Way You Wouldn’t Believe That Shah Rukh Khan is the ultimate ‘Baadshah’ of Bollywood, and has a massive fan-following that transcend geography is a fact well known. But some of his die-hard fans went a notch ahead and recreated the title song, scene-by-scene,…

Some Bollywood Movie Dialogues Of All Time

1.Mai Toh Kehta Hu Inke Tyres Ki Hawa Hi Nikal Do 2.Pata Nai Bhai Mai Abhi Tak Kunwara Hu 3.Itna Hi Pyar Ah Rha Hai Toh Usi Mei Dub Jao Na Plz…. 4.Aise Dost Hi Na Banao, Banao Toh Saalo Ko Padhne Hi Mat Do. 5.Ab Toh Pat Jao Yr 6.Iski Goli Se Ise Hi…

These Posters Taking A Dig At Bollywood Directors Is Hilarious

Most film directors look to leave behind a certain legacy through their body of work. Some Bollywood directors, though, have perfected the art of rehashing the same type of film over and over again. It is not without reason that most directors do not have an oeuvre to speak of but rather a certain style…

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