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World’s Most Lethal Drone

Over the skies of Florida and the Gulf of Mexico, the unmanned plane known as the QF-16 took off, executed a series of tactical maneuvers, broke the sound barrier, and landed safely. Two pilots flew the planes from the ground.In other words, the Air Force just successfully tested the world’s

This Drone Can Conquer Both Sea And Sky

  Researchers developed a flying bot that can also swim In the latest development in drone technology, scientists at Rutgers University have created a quadcopter that can swim as well as it can fly. Behold the Naviator, a Navy-funded project that offers a new, exciting kind of drone versatility.Back in October, the Office for

World’s Smallest Drone

Named Skeye Nano Drone, this tiny flying machine is claimed to be perfect for airborne stunts like figure 8s, banking turns and flips - both indoors and out This world's smallest precision-controlled quadcopter is lightweight and weighs just 11.9 grams. It comes with a 100mAh battery that takes about 30 minutes to

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