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Spring and Summer Holiday Travel Essentials !!!

VACATION !!! The word is enough to describe what happiness ,joy and excitement is all about,vacations are something which everyone die to have and even memorizing our vacations gives us a mesmerizing feeling and to make those memories super happy and super stylish I am going to tell you what

Meet The 21st century Santa Claus

We all know Santa Claus as a fat, white-bearded, costumed old man bringing gifts for children on Christmas but this handsome old guy is neither fat nor boring and is still a real Santa! He calls himself ‘Fashion Santa’ because he is relentlessly good-looking and fashionable! Fashion Santa has a great

Style Statement This Winter

Every man’s go-to set of garments for smart dressing comes together in classic and new forms, three piece or double breasted, pinstripes or plaid, black tie or casual in-cotton – there are many ways to make a strong suit statement Two-button deal The two-button suit is an essential for every man.

Lifestyle Things You’ve Been Doing All Wrong

Fashion is not everyone’s cup of tea. While it is a tricky business, there are certain fashion items that you can certainly take of, with ease. We complicate things when we don’t know the simpler way of doing them. Here are 14 fashion things you never knew you were doing wrong and provide simpler ways of doing

Love for leggings? Avoid these mistakes at all costs

Love leggings? Avoid these mistakes at all costs Leggings are a great staple to have in you r wardrobe, but wearing it the right way can be tricky. Here are a few pointers to remember when sporting this piece of clothing, and some mistakes to avoid at all costs. Leggings are not pants This

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