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Simple Ways You Can Lose That Belly Fat When You Have A Busy Life

“Who has the time, bro?” “It’s the indicator of prosperity! What are you saying?!” “I will join the gym next week, for sure! Arre, pakka!” “Screw dieting, I have to work extra hours, get me that chocolate brownie you were talking about.”One cannot really blame anyone these days for getting fat. We lead

24 foods you should STOP refrigerating!

24 foods you should STOP refrigerating!We're completely aware of how modern refrigeration is a substantial practice in every kitchen and household. It goes a long way in preserving our food and maintaining its quality.But did you know, despite popular belief, refrigerating certain foods can actually change their flavour (not

14 Reasons Cheese Is The Best Food On Earth

Believe it or not, this is the stuff happiness is made of! 1. Only cheese can turn a bad day into a good one.2. It is also the best drunk food.3. Because nachos go best with a yummilicious cheese dip.4. It is also the best source of Vitamin B12.5. It can

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