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Few Bad Habits That Are Hurting Your Manhood Without Your Knowledge

A man’s sperm is an important part of who he is. What most men do not pay attention to is the many little things that they do daily that could be destroying their sperm. Male penis and his sexual health is an integral part of his masculinity and his overall health condition.If a man is healthy, most…

Simple Ways You Can Lose That Belly Fat When You Have A Busy Life

“Who has the time, bro?” “It’s the indicator of prosperity! What are you saying?!” “I will join the gym next week, for sure! Arre, pakka!” “Screw dieting, I have to work extra hours, get me that chocolate brownie you were talking about.” One cannot really blame anyone these days for getting fat. We lead busy,…

Gorgeous Desserts That Are So Picture Perfect, You’ll Almost Feel Guilty Eating Them

Science says that food tastes better when it looks good. Yeah, undoubtedly. Food is art. However, there are times when it’s all sunshine on the plate and it gets hard to even think about eating it. Here’s a list of desserts which are too beautiful to eat: 1. Source: Gunosy 2. 3. Source: Not Quite…

24 foods you should STOP refrigerating!

24 foods you should STOP refrigerating! We’re completely aware of how modern refrigeration is a substantial practice in every kitchen and household. It goes a long way in preserving our food and maintaining its quality. But did you know, despite popular belief, refrigerating certain foods can actually change their flavour (not in a good way)….

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